• Sale!

    Phrog Cotton Star Babies


    Our all new Cotton Star Baby with its incredible softness and clever dummy attachment potential is here!

    Designed exclusively by the Phrog Team, this new Star Baby is sure to be just as comforting for your baby or child when cuddled or fiddled with.

    They are small enough to go anywhere with you and will soon become the ‘lovey’ many little ones need to help them cope with the new experiences each day has in store for our babies and toddlers.

    Being exposed to new things make them feel stressed, scared, or even worried so being able to “self-sooth” with a “lovey” is a wonderful tool a child can rely on.

    Made from a stretch cotton fabric

  • Sale!

    Phrog Star Babies


    Designed by the Phrog moms themselves after our customers asked us to come up with a cute, easy to clean and won’t cost the earth to replace “lovey”

    Your little one will fall in love with the incredibly soft and adorable little Phrog Star Baby


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